Tombol Perintah Untuk mempermudah Menggunakan Adobe Photo Shop

Menu Edit

Undo                            Ctrl+Z 
Step Back (History)             Ctrl+Alt+Z 
Step Forward (History)          Ctrl+Shift+Z 
Cut                             Ctrl+X
Copy                            Ctrl+C 
Copy Merged                     Ctrl+Shift+C
Paste                           Ctrl+V
Paste Into                      Ctrl+Shift+V
Free Transform                  Ctrl+T

Menu File

New Document                    Ctrl+N 
Open Document                   Ctrl+O 
Browse                          Shift+Ctrl+O 
Open As                         Alt+Ctrl+O
Close                           Ctrl+W
Close All                       Ctrl+Shift+W 
Save                            Ctrl+S
Save As                         Ctrl+Shift+S
Save a Copy                     Ctrl+Alt+S
Save for Web                    Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S 
Page Setup                      Ctrl+Shift+P
Jump to Image Ready             Ctrl+Shift+M
Exit                            Ctrl+Q 

Menu Filter 

Last Filter                     Ctrl+F 
Fade                            Ctrl+Shift+F
Extract                         Ctrl+Alt+X
Liquify                         Ctrl+Shift+X
Pattern Maker                   Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X 

Menu Image 

Adjust Levels                   Ctrl+L 
Adjust Auto Levels              Ctrl+Shift+L
Adjust Auto Contrast            Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L
Adjust Curves                   Ctrl+M 
Adjust Color Balance            Ctrl+B
Adjust Hue/Saturation           Ctrl+U 
Desaturate                      Ctrl+Shift+U
Invert                          Ctrl+I 
Extract                         Ctrl+Alt+X 

Menu Layer 

New Layer                       Ctrl+Shift+N 
Layer via Copy                  Ctrl+J 
Layer via Cut                   Ctrl+Shift+J
Group with Previous             Ctrl+G
Bring to Front                  Ctrl+Shift+] 
Bring Forward                   Ctrl+]
Send Backward                   Ctrl+[ 
Send Back                       Ctrl+Shift+[
Merge Layers                    Ctrl+E
Merge Visible                   Ctrl+Shift+E

Misc Shortcut

Fill with Foreground Color       Alt+Backspace 
 Fill with Background Color      Shift+Backspace
Ascend through Layers            Alt+] 
Descend through Layers           Alt+[ 
Select Top Layer                 Shift+Alt+]
Select Bottom Layer              Shift+Alt+[
Show/Hide All Palettes           Tab 

Menu Pilihan

Select All                       Ctrl+A 
Deselect                         Ctrl+D
Reselect                         Ctrl+Shift+D
Inverse                          Ctrl+Shift+I
Feather                          Ctrl+Alt+D 

Menu View

Proof Colors                     Ctrl+Y 
Zoom In                          Ctrl++
Zoom Out                         Ctrl+-
Zoom In & Resize Window          Ctrl+Alt++ 
Zoom Out & Resize Window         Ctrl+Alt+-
Actual Pixels                    Ctrl+Alt+0
Show/Hide Target Path            Ctrl+Shift+H 
Show/Hide Rulers                 Ctrl+R
On/Off Snap                      Ctrl+Shift+; 
Show/Hide Extras                 Ctrl+H
Lock Guides                      Ctrl+Alt+; 
Show Guides                      Ctrl+;
Show Grid                        Ctrl+'

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