Electronics dan Mechanics 10

Aplikasi ini sangat berguna untuk para Insiniur elektronik dan mekanik, adapun beberapa fitur yang terdapat pada aplikasi ini ataralain :

Electronics :
Pengukuran arus DC,  Dasar Electronics , Test ukuran Resistor ,Simple DC Circuits, Tipe-tipe Switching, Variable Voltages, Hukum Ohm’s, DC Voltage , DC Current,  Series/Parallel Resistors,  AC Measurements, AC Voltage and Current,  Teori AC, RCL Series Circuits,  RCL Parallel Circuits,  Capacitance , Capacitors,  Inductance,  Inductors,  Impedance,  Radio dan komunikasi


Attenuators,  Passive Filters,  Active Filters,  Oscillators,  Circuit Theorems , Complex Numbers,  Electrical,  DC Power,  AC Power, Silicon Controlled Rectifier,  Power Supplies,  Voltage Regulation,  Magnetism,  Transformers , Three Phase Systems,  Energy Transfer and Cost,  SemiConductors, Atomic Structures,  Diode Theory,  Diode Applications,  Transistor Theory, Bipolar Transistor,  Transistor Configurations,  Active Transistor Circuits,  Field Effect Transistors,  Basic Operational Amplifier,  Op-Amp Theory , Op-Amp Applications,  Sum and Difference Amp,  Testing,  Analogue Multi-Meter , Measurement -Mathematics,  Number Systems,  Number Conversion,  Number Types,  Roots,  Angles and Parallels,  Triangle Ratios,  Triangle Angles,  Percentages,  Ratios,  Fractions,  Vectors,  Circle  Angles, Algebra Rules,  Algebra,  Mathematical Rules,  Powers and Indices,  Simplifying Equations,  Graphing,  Slope and Translation, dll

Dan software ini Gratis

Nama File : Mechatronics.exe
File Size : 7,53 Mb

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